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As an organisation, we are unifying all of the professions and services involved in the delivery of MS care to create one influential voice and are building and delivering initiatives that will support meaningful service improvement.

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20 May 2024

Association of British Neurologists

18 Sep 2024


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Our goals

Coordinate a strategic approach to influence change

The TMSFA audit identified the biggest challenges faced by services across the UK. TMSFA is taking a collaborative and strategic approach to address those issues by working together as an MS community

Use data and technology for national and local service improvement

Visualisation of readily collected data to allow for local issues to be identified and benchmarking at a local, regional and national level. Using data that is up-to-date and accurate, service improvement decisions can be made.

Unify all MS professionals to create a collective voice

TMSFA is the only organisation to bring together all professionals looking after PLwMS to share, collaborate and support colleagues.

Improve work efficiency

Many UK MS services face the same challenges yet previously there was no formal, widespread means of collaboration or the opportunity to share best practice. TMSFA is seeking to change that by introducing a document library and creating professional discussion forums.

Our Audit of UK MS services

A questionnaire complemented by interviews of UK MS services highlighted the different models that MS services have built up over time. Common problems and issues are facing us all which has led to the creation of a not-for-profit community interest company, Transforming MS for All, TMSFA.

You can request a copy of the audit below.

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    Key results of the UK MS Service Audit

    Centres that were involved in the audit


    Service caseloads are expanding by 8-10% per annum

    Staff shortfall across MS services


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